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How it Started

How it Started

Brecken & Oaks, a family-owned brand and team developed from its sister company, The Inspiring Investment, after realizing there was a hole in the market that few could fill. This hole spans the distance between real estate expertise and construction knowledge. For our clients this means helping you avoid over-improving your home, ensuring you get the biggest return on investment as you prepare to sell. It also means utilizing our negotiation skills earned over thousands of real estate transactions to win the contract without leaving money on the table. Experience in real estate investing and renovation work makes us uniquely qualified to provide a wholistic perspective of real estate to buyers and sellers. So, we created the most valuable real estate services the Triangle has to offer. Now we stand ready to serve you.

Our Mission & Vision

To build a real estate company on the foundation of exclusive, impactful teams and proven systems that provide clients comprehensive, individualized service before, during, and after a transaction.


Our Core Values


We will utilize established systems, identify agents’ key strengths, and provide exclusive coaching and training for our team.


We will function as a team, making collaborative efforts to build a supportive, educational environment to achieve the highest good of the client.


We will work for a greater good. One that extends beyond our own pockets.


We will foster relationships rooted in depth and trust, providing consultation and guidence for our clients.


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Senior Broker


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Marketing & Business Development


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